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Not On Tour Not On Tour

Diner Junkie Records | DJR 003/004 | US LP
Not On Tour
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A1   Baby You Such A Ho    
A2   Not On Tour    
A3   Silly Thoughts    
A4   What Comes Outta Yo Mouth    
A5   Don't Touch My Stuff    
A6   Central Station, Final Destination    
A7   Split The Earth    
A8   Rhyme - Less    
A9   Cut All The Cords    
A10   Peace Of Mind    
A11   Disturbing Hour    
A12   OK, What Now?    
A13   Postcards    
A14   Need Fixing    
A15   On The Road    
A16   Lazy Ass Brother    
B1   Did You Get Enough?    
B2   Journey To The Ocean    
B3   Just Forget It    
B4   Dirty Envelopes    
B5   Puke    
B6   90% Out    
B7   TV    
B8   Fine

White vinyl with insert

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